GPU.Net Secures $500K Investment From Momentum 6 & Alphablockz, Gains Support from, Nvidia, Taanga Studios, and Prepares for Upcoming Testnet Launch.

As the world ushers in a new era of technological advancement, the increasing success of generative AI has induced a significant challenge that plays a direct role in the scarcity of available GPUs.

In response, Co-founders Suraj Chawla and Kirubakaran Reddy, renowned for their success in building and scaling multiple startups including Brahm GAN, are venturing into their next innovation “GPU.Net (The Decentralized GPU resource network)” with a visionary approach to reshape the generative AI landscape by providing a decentralized GPU infrastructure to fuel emerging technological needs.

Backed by a substantial $500,000 investment from Momentum 6 & Alphablockz, GPU.Net is empowered to take its ambitions to new heights. This infusion of capital not only validates the platform’s potential but also enables the team to enhance their efforts in creating a robust infrastructure that meets the global GPU resource challenges.

Additionally, GPU.Net has secured essential support from global entertainment infrastructure leaders such as Nvidia & Taanga Studios. Nvidia’s collaboration brings unrivaled GPU technology expertise, while Taanga Studios’ endorsement highlights the platform’s applicability in entertainment and creative fields.

Excitement is building as GPU.Net prepares for the imminent launch of its Testnet, scheduled for the coming month. This pivotal launch would offer a sneak peek into the capabilities of the platform and demonstrate its potential to reshape industries (Generative AI, Web3 Metaverses, high-end graphics rendering, and cryptocurrency mining) that rely on GPUs.


GPU.Net stands as a beacon of innovation, poised to usher in a new era of decentralized GPU resources and along its vision to develop an on demand-GPU infrastructure it has secured the following:

  1. $500,000 in seed funding from momentum 6 & Alphablockz.
  2. Strategic alliance from Nvidia, and Taanga Studios.
  3. Testnet Launch in the coming month.

By providing an on-demand GPU infrastructure, GPU.Net is set to play a pivotal role in enabling the next generation of technologies that depend on powerful graphics processing capabilities.

About GPU.Net

The GPU Network is a decentralized graphics processing unit on demand infrastructure that powers the next generation of Generative AI, Web3 Metaverses, High-end graphics rendering and cryptocurrency mining.

GPU.Net aims to evolve into a Generative Processing Unit, initially supporting versatile GPU tasks like 3D, AI, and research. Ultimately, transforming into a fully decentralized General Purpose Unit Network, facilitating exchange between GPU Providers and Consumers.

GPU.Net features multi-purpose GPUs, data privacy via FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption), protocol-driven pricing, and a decentralized architecture.

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