Kenneth Wilson, a.k.a. Mr. Fly, Takes the Helm: Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token Sets Sail for Ocean Restoration

United States, 10th Jun 2023, King NewsWire – Soaring Above the Waves: Mr. Fly Merges Cryptocurrency Triumph with a Swashbuckling Crusade for Oceans’ Revival

June 9, 2023 – Hold onto your hats, folks! Kenneth Wilson, blazing through as Mr. Fly – the Eco Dev, is navigating stormy seas with a clarion call to adventurers and crypto-enthusiasts alike. With the launch of Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token, Mr. Fly has dropped anchor in a mission that promises treasure beyond measure: the revival of our majestic oceans.*

Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token isn’t just another cryptocurrency – it’s a rallying cry! While most cryptocurrencies have been under fire for their environmental footprint, Mr. Fly – the audacious trailblazer in music, business, and the crypto world – is turning the tide. The token is christened after the trusty sea guardian Myrtle, symbolizing the valiant protectors of our marine wealth.

The mission is bold, and the token is gold! Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token is forged on the bedrock of safety, transparency, and a pirate’s oath to environmental restoration. Shiver me timbers, every transaction with this token sends a whopping 1% to ocean cleanup missions. That’s not all; it throws down the gauntlet to all ye landlubbers to participate in beach cleanups and coral reef restorations, rewarding your bravery with tokens.

Diving into the azure depths, Mr. Fly has forged an alliance with the Oceanic Society. Through this valiant partnership, he’s adopted 11 noble sea turtles. These grand creatures, which have roamed the oceans for centuries, find a stalwart ally in Mr. Fly.

Successfully launched on May 19th, 2023, on the BNB network and DEX platforms against all odds, Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token is more than just a financial venture – it’s a quest for every soul yearning for bluer oceans and greener shores.

Kenneth Wilson, as Captain Mr. Fly, is leading a voyage like no other. His ship sails through uncharted waters with a banner of innovation, compassion, and indomitable resolve. Through Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token, Mr. Fly offers a lifeline not just to crypto-enthusiasts but to the very heart of our planet: the oceans.

Batten down the hatches as Mr. Fly charts a course towards a legacy that will resound across the oceans. With every tune he crafts, every venture he embarks upon, and every wave he braves, his name shall be sung by sailors and sea turtles alike.

So, hoist the colors and join the gallant crew of Mr. Fly and the Fire Fly team as Myrtle the Turbo Turtle Token steers us towards a future as boundless and abundant as the seven seas.

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