Wholesale Sharks Presents Recognition to Chavez Foundation.

 Phoenix Arizona is decked out on December 15 during the emotional recognition that brothers Ramon and Rodrigo Martinez, owners of the company “Wholesale Sharks”, paid to the Chavez Foundation and Radio Campesina. Paul Chavez, son of iconic agricultural activist Cesar Chavez, received the award honoring his tireless dedication and immense support to the Hispanic community during his 50 years of service through Radio Campesina and the United Farm Workers. 

The origin of the relationship between the Martínez brothers and Radio Campesina comes from the fact that at a very early age they were part of the group Rams de la sierra where Radio Campesina was instrumental in the development and growth of the group. After a long musical career, the brothers decided to retire from the academy and focus on Viennese and roots where they accumulated great success and continue to be leaders in the industry at a national level. In a ceremony full of emotion and meaning, the Martinez brothers, together with Maria Barquin, a key collaborator in the organization of the event, presented Paul Chavez with a piece of art of great magnitude: a sizable guitar statue adorned with the image of Cesar Chavez and his famous quotes.


This gesture symbolizes not only the musical legacy Cesar Chavez left behind, but also his unwavering fight for farmworker rights. Paul Chavez, visibly moved by this recognition, expressed powerful words of appreciation, highlighting how this tribute reflects the continued support and solidarity towards the Hispanic community. “This act not only honors the memory of my father and his struggle, but also reaffirms the importance of togetherness and mutual support in our community,” Paul said. Maria Barquin, who played a crucial role in planning this tribute, stressed the importance of recognizing the contributions of leaders like Cesar Chavez and their lasting influence. “It’s a reminder that Cesar’s legacy lives on and that his fight continues through the generations,” Barquin said. 

The ceremony, which was attended by prominent members of the Hispanic community and leaders from various sectors, was an emotional reminder of Cesar Chavez’s impact and a recognition of his son Paul’s tireless work in following in his footsteps. The guitar statue, now a symbol of resistance and hope, will stand as a testament to Wholesale Sharks’ commitment to the community and their respect for heroes who have fought for justice and equality.

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